Dentist Franklin Technology

Advanced Dentist in Franklin Explains Newest Dental Technology Uses



Digital X-ray System   


By using a computer program and an electronic sensor, we are able to take digital x-rays, which are available to read immediately. These x-rays require up to 90% less radiation than traditional diagnostic dental x-rays. The image can be enhanced electronically to aid in diagnostic accuracy and speed.







Intra-Oral Cameras


Our cameras serve as an aid--they allow us take high resolution images of your teeth. Seeing is believing, this will help us communicate your current oral conditions and recommend any necessary treatment.




Curing Lights


Our curing lights are powerful and take much less time to do the job! They are environmentally responsible and are powered by re-chargeable batteries, making them eco-friendly!






Widescreen TV’s


Be part of the conversation! We have installed flatscreen TV's in every room. This allows us to educate our patients on their dental needs.