Dentist Franklin Age Changing Dentures

Dramatically improve your smile with esthetically pleasing, well functioning dentures!




Do you miss your youthful smile or think it could be improved? Traditional dentures are not designed with your facial shape in mind.  They do not provide direct stimulation to the jaw bone material and thus do nothing to combat the effects of jawbone resorption, resulting in patients who look much older than they actually are.


Age changing dentures provide underlying facial support which plumps your lips, lessens wrinkles, helps fill your face out, and provides for a better fit and appearance. They are placed to build the bite at a position that the muscles will best function; the same position that provides the greatest facial support and works to achieve stability and greater facial aesthetics.






Benefits of age changing dentures:

  • A more youthful appearance
  • More defined facial shape
  • Smoother skin
  • Increased fit
  • Greater comfort
  • Less chance of embarrassing slips
  • Better function
  • The ability to eat and speak normally


How do our dentures work:

The dentures employ principles of neuromuscular dentistry that seek to achieve and maintain optimum muscle relaxation and function. Because they offer the most customized fit possible, they allow the wearer to experience functional and aesthetic benefits superior to traditional dentures.


Neuromuscular dentistry works with the hard and soft tissues, muscles and nerves, and allows these areas of the mouth to work harmoniously by positioning the individual’s mouth to achieve maximum benefits from facelift denture.


Who is a candidate for age changing dentures:

Anyone who suffers with negative side effects caused by dentures should contact Dr. Palmer to discuss the option of dentures. Dentures will work for virtually anyone who is missing all of his or her teeth along an arch. 



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