Dentist Franklin Biological & Holistic Dentistry
What is Biological and Holistic Dentistry



1. Identifying infections of the teeth, face, and jaws

2. Understanding heavy metal toxicity and it’s physiological effects

3. Knowing how to render damaging and toxic heavy metals inactive by proper removal (IAOMT Protocol)

4. Knowing the functional orthodontic- TMD connection

5. Developing and utilizing nutrients that support oral health 

6. Sequential removal of the most electrically negatively charged fillings first

7. A mercury trap is in place that contains 99+% of mercury waste to ensure environmental friendliness.




Safe Amalgam Removal




Dental amalgam restorations, also referred to as silver fillings, is a common material used to fill cavities. These resorations have raised concerns because they contain approximately 50% mercury. The purpose of removing mercury amalgam from your teeth is to eliminate a major source of heavy toxins and therefore prevent the toxins from entering the body's biosystem.