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Considering Botox for head and neck pain?

Yes, Botox usually brings targeted relief, however does not generally deliver a permanent solution.

Botox works by interrupting pain spasm cycles and works to cover up the symptom. Generally Botox is sought out for headaches, neck/ear pain, and assumed migraines which are sometimes caused by a deeper problem.

Dr. Palmer offers a specific treatment plan that can help reduce the symptoms that will leave you with a better well-being and overall health.

The treatments used are computer based system software and hardware used to analyze posture and muscles. This technology helps Dr. Palmer track and analyze EMG readings to develop a treatment plan for each individual.

Palmer Dentistry finds a solution to sync the neck, head, and jaw for pain relief. The technology and knowledge will treat the source and not the symptom. We all want the decreased pain, why not use technology that is a major part of our lives.

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