Posture and Dental

Posture starts with our teeth, jaw, head, and neck as well.  If your bite is misaligned or you have jaw, muscle and joint issues this also can be a factor.  Most of us carry our head too forward which leads to an improper bite position. This position then carries through to our head, neck, and back.  All of these factors lead to improper posture.

Dr. Palmer using his knowledge, technology along with 3D imaging software/hardware can pinpoint and track pressure/pain points allowing direct relief. We are at a technology era, why not use it for our overall health and well-being!

How many of us would think dental plays a major role in our body posture?  It's assumed to only affect the back all the way down to our feet.  However, it can also affect our head, neck, and jaw.

If posture is not kept in control, it can lead to pain causing:  numbing or tingling sensations, pain in the jaw/head/neck/shoulders/back, ear ringing/clearing, headaches, and tooth pain.  Other poor posture symptom signs can include:  shoulder height misalignment, breast bone tenderness, leg length difference, and heels wearing unevenly.

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