Whiplash and Dental

Whiplash in dentistry can now be treated!  With Dr. Palmer's technology, knowledge, and treatment these symptoms can be effectively corrected.  Using 3D technology with software and hardware, Dr. Palmer can map the pain trigger areas.  3D tracking/mapping gives the ability to focus on particular areas more than another.

Automobile or any type of accident can cause whiplash.  60% of patients really never fully recover.  We visit doctors to help with the pain, without relief.  Some of the pain could be associated with unrecognized damage to the jaw and muscles.  Whiplash can be associated with the whole head.

Most services offered cannot pinpoint the pain source.  Pain such as:  neck pain/stiffness, headaches, head/face numbness, blurred vision/pain behind the eyes, balance problems, ringing in the ears, and jaw pain.  That's when a different treatment approach is needed.

In these days, technology is a major part of our lives, so why not use it to help improve the medical part of our life and overall well being!

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