Why I Treat TMJ

Do you have head, neck, facial, or ear pain? Most people do not know that their pain could be related to the position/relation of their upper and lower jaw (often referred to as TMJ/TMD). My passion is hearing my patient’s story, recognizing the symptoms, and providing them a treatment for their pain. Treating TMJ/TMD is not the easiest; it is complex and not straight forward, which is probably the most exciting part. I get to use the latest technology and learn something new that aides in diagnosing patients. If you come in my office with a broken tooth or toothache I can fix that no problem, but TMD treatment is not the same. It is challenging and every patient is different. Because every case is different I don’t just give you a mouth guard, I provide you with an individualizedanalyzation of your muscle movement/activity and jaw position. By measuring where you are and where you need to be I can create a custom orthotic that generally will give you a harmonious relationship with your upper and lower jaw. This has often led to relief from headaches, facial and neck pain, and ringing of the ears. I want to find the source of your pain not mask it. When traditional treatments haven’t worked, if you are experiencing chronic pain in your head, neck, face, or ears, or if you have any questions call my office today. I want to help improve your life!

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