Dr. Lee Palmer DDS

Dr. Lee Palmer, DDS - Franklin Cosmetic Dentist


Dr. Lee Palmer is committed to providing excellence in dentistry and stands out as a leading dentist in Franklin. He uses the latest in dentistry techniques to provide you with a beautiful and healthy smile. Additionally, Dr. Palmer believes strongly in education to prevent oral health problems before they occur, and makes sure to keep patients fully informed about their dental health. Read more about Franklin dentist Dr. Lee Palmer below.

Lee Palmer, DDS

Learn About the Best Dentist in Franklin TN, Dr. Lee Palmer, DDS


Dr. Lee Palmer has been in dentistry for over 20 years and has established a practice in historic, downtown Franklin.  He has identified a need for treating head, neck, and TMJ pain, and his experience in this area sets him apart from other dentists in Franklin TN.


Over the years, treating patients with TMJ, whiplash, and headaches has become a passion for Dr. Palmer. He loves to help patients find relief from their chronic pain. Using the latest technology to detect each patients' needs, he creates treatment plans and devices perfectly fit for the individual patient. Results have been tremendous and patients always walk away amazed by the satisafaction they have about their new smile!


Aesthetics are of utmost importance to Dr. Palmer and he takes special care to make sure your smile looks great by offering all porcelain crowns, as well as other cosmetic dentistry procedure options.


In order to maintain the highest quality of care possible, Dr. Palmer and his staff stay informed about the newest technology and techniques, and regularly attend continuing education events as well as meetings and conferences about TMJ.


Dr. Palmer graduated from the University of Tennessee in Memphis, where he met his lovely wife Pam. He enjoyed Memphis but could only eat so much BBQ!  He joined the army with hopes of being stationed in a beautiful place like Hawaii.  Unfortunately they sent him to Chicago, Illinois where he didn't need a bathing suit at all.  While he was in Chicago, which was the hub of dental education, he took many courses and his eyes were opened to the world of head and neck pain.


Dr. Palmer and his wife have lived in Franklin for 30 years where they raised a family.  Of course, he claims that he was only 15 when he moved to the area. They have two sons, who Dr. Palmer prays for every day, especially since they chose careers in law and film. When he moved to the Franklin area there were only three bars on Main Street, and he has enjoyed experiencing his hometown grow throughout the years. The practice, as well as the historic office, has come a long way and now offer the latest in patient comfort and care.