Alternatives to Botox Franklin, TN

Do you suffer from TMD/TMJ disorders or migraine and are looking for a comprehensive treatment in Franklin, TN? Visit Lee Palmer DDS PC, located at 143 4th Ave N, Franklin, TN 37064, and consult with Dr. Lee Palmer, our neuromuscular dentist who helps maintain a harmonious relationship between the head, neck, and jaw joint.

At Lee Palmer DDS PC, we understand that migraines, headaches, and TMJ disorders can be debilitating and take a toll on your life. Hence, for such patients, we offer Botox treatments and alternatives to Botox in Franklin, TN, so that they can live a healthy, pain-free life. For chronic migraine sufferers or patients with TMJ disorders, our Botox® injections work as a reliable preventive method to reduce the frequency of headaches.

For TMJ treatment, Dr. Lee Palmer also suggests mouthguards, ice rollers, facial massage, and CBD as alternatives to Botox in Franklin, TN, to have a relaxed, grind-free sleep. The other alternatives to Botox in Franklin, TN, at Lee Palmer DDS PC include anti-CGRP medications like Aimovig®, Ajovy®, and Emgality®, anticonvulsants, certain antidepressants, beta-blockers, and vitamin supplements. Our neuromuscular dentist may also recommend the patient follow some lifestyle modifications to avoid stress so that their quality of life can be improved. 

At Lee Palmer DDS PC, when our patients visit our Franklin, TN, office with migraine or TMJ disorders, Dr. Palmer performs a series of non-invasive tests like EMG tests, a TENS unit, 3D x-ray, microcurrents, Iontophor, electro sonogram, and K7 Evaluation to diagnose the condition and devise a customized treatment plan for each of our patient to cater to their exact sources of pain or discomfort.

So, if you live in or around Franklin, TN, and are looking for the best treatment option for migraines or TMJ disorders, head straight to Lee Palmer DDS PC. Our expert team, with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art procedures, offers the best Botox treatment and alternatives to Botox in Franklin, TN. 

At Lee Palmer DDS PC, we treat our patients like family and take time to listen to their concerns so that they feel relaxed when they are with us. Our doctor formulates the best treatment plan and suggests lifestyle modifications for each of our patients as per their requirements so that everyone who visits our office enjoys a stress-free experience with us and a quality life thereafter. 

For details about alternatives to Botox in Franklin, TN, call Palmer DDS PC at (615) 794-0756 or schedule an appointment online. 

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