Headache, Neck Pain, And TMJ

Dr. Lee Palmer is a neuromuscular dentist that seeks a harmonious relationship between the head, neck, and jaw joint.

Headache, Neck Pain, And TMJ

What is TMJ?

TMJ is the temporomandibular joint. This joint is what attaches your bottom jaw to your head. This joint allows you to chew, talk, and open and close your mouth. Tmj disorders known as TMD, Temporomandibular disorder, often appear as headaches, neck pain, jaw pain, ringing of the ears, etc.

Technology in Treatment

Dr. Palmer conducts a series of completely painless and non-invasive tests. Including EMG tests, a TENS unit, 3D xray(when needed), microcurrents, Iontophor, electro sonogram, and K7 Evaluation. These tests allow him to better diagnose and devise a treatment plan catered to every individual person and their exact sources of pain or discomfort.

Does this apply to you?

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms multiple times a week or continuously over a period of a few days?

  • Eye pain and/or eye orbital problems such as: eye pain, blurring vision, pressure behind eyes, light sensitivity, drooping eyelids, and/or bulging appearance?
  • Headaches, Migraines, facial pain, and/or head pain?
  • Jaw and Tmj problems such as: clicking or popping joints, jaw locking, pain in cheek muscles, and/or grating sounds?
  • Ear pain, ringing of ears, and/or postural imbalances?
  • Throat problems such as: Swallowing difficulty, tightness of throat, tongue pain, and/or pain in hard palate?
  • Neck and Shoulder problems such as: stiffness, lack of mobility, sore neck muscles, back pain, and/or arm and finger tingling/numbness/or pain?
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