Why NM Dentistry?

Why NM Dentistry?

What is NMD?

Neuromuscular dentists evaluate and treat your overall oral health by considering how your muscles, teeth, and joints all work together.

Muscles affect your bite! Your jaw posturing muscles may be overworked in an attempt to maintain your present position. The Neuromuscular dentist determines the jaw position that is associated with relaxed posturing muscles and adjusts or alters your bite to that position.

Dr. Lee Palmer uses a variety of non-invasive and painless techniques including a Tens unit, to help your muscles reach that relaxed state.


Neuromuscular dentistry is essential in providing dentures superior in function and appearance. Dr. Lee Palmer considers the teeth, muscles, and joints to optimize the bite.

Dentures not only give a personal confidence boost they also have an important role in establishing your correct jaw position. Neuromuscular dentistry is important when restoring the bite and identifying the needed function of the dentures. Dr. Lee Palmer precisely measures the activity of the muscles that control your jaw to determine your optimum jaw position.

If you currently have dentures and experience issues with chewing, headaches, and neck pain your dentures are not fit for you! Neuromuscular dentistry eliminates ill fitting and poor function dentures. Dr. Lee Palmer designs aesthetically pleasing and well functioning dentures.

Clear Aligners

There is more to a perfect smile than just straight teeth. Teeth, muscles, and joints are all connected, making it essential to have a neuromuscular dentist involved.

Neuromuscular dentists highlight how the muscles, jaw joints, and teeth affect one another. By establishing a harmonious relationship among the teeth, muscles, and jaw joints it will allow teeth to function evenly and establish the optimum bite. By using state-of-the-art technology Dr. Lee Palmer is able to track jaw activity and identify a correct jaw position before and after the use of clear aligners.

The equipment used to establish the correct jaw trajectory is completely painless and non-invasive. By positioning the jaw and teeth on the correct trajectory it allows for happy teeth and muscles during the straightening of teeth in the aligners. Resulting in a beautiful and happy smile!

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