Clear aligners in Franklin TN

Clear aligners in Franklin TN

Clear Aligner, also known as invisible aligners, is an orthodontic treatment that helps to correct misaligned teeth. It is custom-made for each patient according to the measurements of their teeth. A clear aligner applies pressure on the teeth, which helps to push the teeth to their desired position.

The dentists of Lee Palmer DDS PC recommend clear aligners to patients who consider their appearance while choosing orthodontic treatment. 

Facts about Clear Aligner

  • The patient should wear the aligner for 22 hours a day for better results.
  • The Aligner should be removed while consuming food.
  • A soft toothbrush must be used to clean the aligner every day.
  • The patient should brush and floss the teeth before putting the aligner on.
  • It is barely noticeable on the teeth and does not hamper their appearance, unlike traditional braces.

Who needs to wear a Clear Aligner?

  • Clear aligners treat an array of dental conditions, a few of which have been provided as below.
  • Patients who have crowded teeth can be treated with clear aligners. The overlapping teeth are removed through extraction and the aligners are worn to straighten the teeth.
  • Bite conditions like overbite, underbite and open bite can be treated with the help of clear aligners.
  • The gaps in between the teeth can be closed through orthodontic treatment using a clear aligner. 

What is the procedure for Clear aligner treatment?

The dentist begins the procedure by providing a complete dental checkup to the patient. It helps to analyze if the patient is the right candidate for the treatment. The patient is informed about the entire treatment plan so that they have better insight into the procedure. 

The dentist takes the impression of the mouth with the help of modern imaging systems. Images of the mouth are captured, which can be used to compare after the outcome of the treatment has been achieved. The 3D model of the aligner is printed to receive the accuracy in measurements. It is directed to the laboratory for fabrication.

In the subsequent appointment at the dentistry, a clear aligner is provided to the patient. The dentist checks the fitting to make sure that it fits and serves the purpose. A regular visit to the dentist is mandatory to analyze the changes and for new clear aligners. 

Lee Palmer DDS PC, Dentist in Franklin TN, situated at  Franklin, TN, is an equipped dentistry that offers patients the best dental care services. Dial (615) 794-0756 and book an appointment with the dentistry to know more about clear aligners and other dental treatments. 

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