Dental Fillings in Franklin TN

Dental Fillings in Franklin TN

A dental filling is a treatment that is performed to restore a tooth with cavity or decay. 

There are various materials that are used as fillings which include composite resin and metal. Lee Palmer DDS PC advises tooth fillings for patients who have undergone root canal therapy. 

Benefits of Fillings

  • Dental Filling is a quick procedure that can be performed in a single appointment. 
  • The treatment enhances the aesthetic appearance of the patient.
  • It provides structure to the patient's tooth. 
  • Dental Filling promotes the functionality of the tooth.
  • The treatment provides long-lasting results on following good dental care. 
  • It strengthens the decayed tooth and protects it from further decay.

What steps are involved in filling a tooth?

After the evaluation of the decayed tooth, the dentist initiates the dental procedure by providing anesthesia to the patient. It helps to numb the area in treatment and avoids any discomfort caused by the procedure. The dentist removes the decayed pulp and tissues from the teeth through root canal therapy. The hollow area created in the tooth is decontaminated and rinsed thoroughly to remove bacteria and debris. 

The patient can choose the type of material they prefer for tooth filling. The procedure varies for different materials. If the patient chooses tooth-colored filling, the dentist inserts the filling into the hole and layers it. The material is shaped and excess material is removed to provide the desired result. The tooth is polished and the final restoration of the patient is completed. 

Caring for Your Dental Fillings

Good dental care is essential for the proper maintenance of dental filling. The patient may experience tooth sensitivity after the treatment, which subsides in a few days. The dentist prescribes fluoride toothpaste that helps provide better care to the tooth with the filling.  Regular brushing and flossing help to reduce the buildup up of tartar in the mouth. 

A regular dental visit is helpful to maintain good dental hygiene. The dentist performs dental cleaning that enhances the overall dental health of the patient. It is also essential to follow the instructions of the dentist to enable better care for the fillings. 

Lee Palmer DDS PC, Dentist in Franklin TN  located at Franklin, TN, offers patients the best dental care services. Dial (615) 794-0756 and book a consultation with the dentistry to know more about fillings and other dental care facilities. 


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