Limited orthodontics in Franklin TN

Limited orthodontics in Franklin TN

Limited orthodontics is a type of dental treatment that helps to improve the aesthetics of the smile. It moves the misaligned teeth to the desired position. The treatments help to boost the self-esteem of the patient by enhancing their appearance. 

At Lee Palmer DDS PC, the expert dentists provide limited orthodontics treatment for the patients.

Advantages Of Limited Orthodontics

  • Limited orthodontics requires a shorter treatment time compared to traditional orthodontic treatment. 
  • It is inexpensive compared to other orthodontic treatments.
  • Limited orthodontics is a convenient option for patients who need immediate results. 
  • If the patient chooses Invisalign for their limited orthodontic treatment, it can be removed while eating, increasing the comfort of use.

Who is a candidate for Limited Orthodontics treatment?

  • Patients who have minor orthodontic problems can choose Limited Orthodontics for their treatment.
  • A rotated or slipped teeth can be treated through the procedure. 
  • Slightly crowded or overlapped teeth at the front of the mouth can be treated through Limited Orthodontics. 

What is the procedure for Limited Orthodontics?

The procedure for Limited Orthodontics is initiated through an analysis of the patient's dental condition. The procedure is considered appropriate for the teeth at the front.  The orthodontist uses digital imaging systems to attain a better view of the mouth. A treatment plan is drafted, considering the defects that need to be treated through the procedure. 

The impressions attained from the digital imaging system are sent to the laboratory for the fabrication of the Limited Orthodontics device. The patient can choose braces or Invisalign for their treatment to attain the results. In the subsequent appointment, braces are fixed to the teeth, or Invisalign is fitted to the specific teeth that require the treatment. The orthodontist makes any adjustments that are necessary for better fitting. 

The patient should visit the dentistry regularly to keep a close look at the result of the treatment. Braces require regular tightening, while Invisalign needs to be changed frequently. The desired outcome can be achieved within a period of six to nine months by following the instructions of the orthodontist. In case of any discomfort, the patient can visit the dentistry to receive emergency care. 

Lee Palmer DDS PC, Dentist in Franklin TN, situated at Franklin, TN, is equipped with efficient dentists and modern technologies. Dial (615) 794-0756 and book a consultation with the dentistry to know more about limited orthodontics and other dental care facilities. 


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