Neuromuscular Dentistry in Franklin TN

Neuromuscular Dentistry in Franklin TN

Neuromuscular Dentistry is a wing of dentistry that focuses on the alignment of the jaw. The dentist performs treatments like jaw positioning that help to ease up tension on the joints. Lee Palmer DDS PC offers dental services under Neuromuscular  Dentistry for patients in need. 

Benefits of Neuromuscular Dentistry

  • Neuromuscular Dentistry aids better sleep patterns in patients.
  • It helps to enhance the smile of the patient. 
  • The treatment helps to increase the self-esteem of the patient regarding their appearance. 
  • Neuromuscular  Dentistry helps to rescue the pain caused by dental conditions. 
  • It helps to boost the energy of the patient and keeps them active.

What Does Neuromuscular Dentistry Treat?

There are three major components that aid a balanced bite fin people. It includes the teeth, the muscles, and the temporomandibular joints. If the components do not function efficiently, it can lead to misalignment that affects the bite of the person. It can cause extreme pain in the jaw and other parts of the body like the neck and shoulders. This condition leads to temporomandibular joint disorder.

Causes of TMD flare-up

  • TMD causes bad posture in patients.
  • Clenching and grinding can cause pain and stress.
  • The patient may feel dehydrated and tired.
  • The patient experiences erosion of the disc.
  • The joints may deteriorate to cause arthritis. 

How does Neuromuscular Dentistry fix TMJ?

The dentist uses modern technologies that help measure the movements of the jaw while resting and while active. According to the condition, the dentist recommends several procedures that can help treat the condition. Some patients have advised the use of custom-fit mouth appliance that helps to treat bite conditions. 

Orthodontic treatment is an effective procedure that helps to treat TMJ disorder. Once the teeth are aligned in the desired position, it can help resolve the problem and restore the proper functioning of the jaw. 

The patient also experiences migraines and frequent headaches. It may cause difficulty in chewing due to the clicking of the jaw. Neuromuscular Dentistry helps to treat TMJ Disorder after proper analysis. A treatment plan is drafted to render to the specific requirements of the patient. 

Lee Palmer DDS PC, located at Franklin, TN, has expert dentists who offer the best dental care services for the patients. Dial (615) 794-0756 and schedule an appointment with Dentist in Franklin TN to know more about Neuromuscular  Dentistry and other dental care services. 


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