Veneers in Franklin TN

Veneers in Franklin TN


A veneer is a wafer-thin, shell-like prosthetic that is used to cover the teeth. It helps to conceal the deformities and provides good shape to the teeth. A veneer is a cosmetic treatment that provides a perfect flawless smile to the patient. At Lee Palmer DDS PC, the expert dentist provides veneer treatment for the patients.

Advantages of Veneer

  • The veneer is a minimally invasive procedure and the prosthetic is glued to the teeth.
  • It is a cost-efficient treatment that provides immediate results.
  • The treatments help to bridge the gap between the teeth.
  • Veneer blends with the natural color of the patient's teeth.
  • It enhances the confidence of the patient regarding the appearance of their smile. 

Who requires Dental Veneer?

  • Patients who have chipped, fractured or broken teeth are candidates for the veneer. 
  • Unleveled teeth can be concealed with the help of veneer.
  • A dental veneer is appropriate for patients who have discolored or stained teeth.

Types of Veneer

There are two significant types of veneer which have been listed below.

Porcelain veneer: It is the most preferred type of veneer, considering the material's strength and durability. A porcelain veneer is durable and does not cause any harm to the teeth over the years.

Composite resin veneer: It is an affordable type of material that effectively covers the deformities in the teeth. It provides durability for over five to seven years. 

The procedure of Veneer

The dentist performs an initial consultation to understand if the patient is a candidate for Veneer. It is personalized for each patient according to the impressions attained from digital imaging systems. The dentist sends the measurements for the fabrication of the veneer. The teeth are prepared for the prosthetic device by etching them. It helps to fit the veneer perfectly on the teeth. 

In a subsequent appointment, the dentist affixes the veneer onto the teeth. The fitting is checked, and the dentist makes the necessary changes, which aids better comfort while wearing the veneer. The dentist provides instructions to the patients that can help in maintaining the veneer.

The veneer is an excellent dental treatment that provides the best outcome to the patient.

Lee Palmer DDS PC, located at Franklin, TN, is an equipped dentistry that offers patients the best dental care facilities. Call Dentist in Franklin TN @(615) 794-0756 and book an appointment with the dentistry to know more about Veneer and other dental care treatments.

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